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Modeling of LCC HVDC Systems Based on Mass-Damping-Spring Concept

标题:Modeling of LCC HVDC Systems Based on Mass-Damping-Spring Concept

作者:Meiqing Zhang , Xiaoming Yuan

摘要:This paper presents a linearized model of a line-commutated converter-based HVDC system based on mass-damping-spring concept. The model takes the characteristics of converters, controllers and DC transmission line into consideration and represents the dynamic behavior of LCC HVDC system in the low frequency range. The developed model not only can be easily used for stability analysis with some linear analysis tools, such as classical modal analysis or frequency domain analysis tools, but also can be used to help researchers to intuitively understand and interpret the analysis or simulation results obtained from these classical analysis tools. What's more, it is convenient for the model to adopt mass-damping-spring concept to qualitatively and quantitatively measure LCC HVDC system, which makes it suitable for large system-level stability analysis studies. The model is validated by the CIGRE HVDC benchmark time-domain model in PSCAD/EMTDC.

发表于:Power & Energy Society General Meeting-2016





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