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Call For Papers-IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications

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Grid-Connected Power Electronics Systems: Stability, Power Quality, and Protection
Scheduled Publication Time: September/October 2018
Grid-connected power electronics systems have been increasingly found in Renewable Energy Sources (RESs), HighVoltage Direct-Current (HVDC) systems, Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (FACTSs), Variable-Speed
Drives (VSDs), and other emerging energy-efficient applicants. The widespread adoption of power electronic apparatus
in electrical grids brings more flexibility in power control and management, but encounters also a series of unprecedented challenges. The multi-time-scale control dynamics of power electronics systems tend to induce oscillations or resonances across a wide frequency range. The limited over-current capability and the reduced rotational inertia of power converters are further deteriorating the system protection and transient stability. Numerous research efforts have thus been made towards these challenges, ranging from hardware concepts to converter/system modeling and control strategies.

This special issue is devoted to identify the technical barriers and the latest progresses in the utility applications of power electronics systems. Prospective authors are invited to submit innovative approaches, survey papers or tutorials, for review for publication in this special issue. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

·New grid codes and standards for grid interconnections of power electronics systems.
·Dynamic modeling and stability analysis of grid-connected power electronics systems, ranging from distributed
energy resources, electric vehicle chargers, to large-scale RES-based power plants, FACTSs, and HVDC systems.
·Advanced control strategies for improving the dynamic performance of grid-connected power converters.
·Harmonic emissions and interactions of power electronics in utility applications.
·Fault characteristics and protections of grid-connected power electronics systems.
·Stability and power quality issues in the emerging power-electronic-based power systems, such as RES-based power
plants, Multi-Terminal DC (MTDC) systems, ac/dc/hybrid microgrids, electric railway systems, and data centers, etc.
·Emerging utility applications of power electronics, e.g. solid-state transformers, soft open points, electric springs,
virtual synchronous machines, dc circuit breakers, active dampers, grid-edge control, etc.
·New converter/filter topologies and modulation strategies for grid-connected power electronics systems, e.g. modular
multilevel converters, high-order passive filters, and optimized modulation strategies.

Authors who wish to submit a paper for consideration must submit an abstract to the Guest Editors identified below.
Authors who submit an accepted abstract will receive a formal invitation with detailed instructions for submission of the
complete manuscript to the IAS ScholarOne Manuscripts site and execution of the mandatory copyright transfer. All
submissions will be scanned in CrossCheck for similarity with prior published material. Refer to for general information about electronic submission through ScholarOne Manuscripts. Submit manuscripts to the Guest Editor:

Guest Editors: Xiongfei Wang, Aalborg University, Denmark, (
Pericle Zanchetta, University of Nottingham, UK (

Call for Papers May 1, 2017
Submission of Manuscripts for Review in S1M October 15, 2017
Final Decision June 15, 2018
Submission of Final Files for Approved Papers July 15, 2018
Publication of Special Issue of IAS Transactions September/October 2018

Please note that IAS “presentation first” policy is not applicable. Therefore, original material not yet presented at IAS
sponsored conference is also accepted.





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